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Music Program Vision 2021

Music has a power to connect us to God and one another.  Music can transform, inspire, comfort, and challenge us—both individually and collectively—and call us into a deeper connection to the Divine.   


Our music vision is grounded in five core values:


  1. Music is welcoming and participatory, embodying God’s radical hospitality

  2. Music supports our call to work for justice and embraces St. David’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion

  3. Music deepens our worship experience, drawing us closer to God and one another

  4. Music is intergenerational

  5. Music fosters community

Being Welcoming and Participatory

Music at St. David’s is welcoming and participatory, embodying God’s radical hospitality.  We want all to feel welcome to participate in music and explore their own call to offer their gifts.  People at all levels of proficiency and talent are invited and encouraged to participate in music through congregational singing, solo or ensemble vocal singing, bell choir, or instrumental music. 

Supporting St. David’s Value of Being Committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a faith community, St. David’s is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  Our music program supports this commitment through music selection, outreach and partnerships with other faith communities and music groups, and service offerings.  We seek to experience a diversity of musical experiences while also retaining and incorporating the long and rich history and traditions of the Episcopal and Christian churches. 

Enhancing Our Worship Experience

Music offerings enhance our worship experience.  Music can help us expand and deepen our connection with the Divine, both individually and collectively.  Music is holistically connected with our worship services and other expressions of faith.  It is a different form of prayer from our spoken words and can express a broad range of emotions.  Music can direct us towards the God revealed to us through the Holy Spirit and in the person of Jesus Christ.  It can connect us with our scripture and our liturgies in meaningful ways.  It can inspire and comfort while transporting us to a different level of connection to the Divine. 

Being Intergenerational

We seek the faith formation of Christians of all ages at St. David’s.  Our music program provides opportunities and experiences for those of all ages, including our youth and children.  Our music program helps develop children’s faith, relationships with other youth and adults in our community, and musical skills.  We encourage opportunities for multi-generational music offerings.

Fostering Community

Our music programs foster community in worship as well as other gatherings.  We build collaborative relationships within ensembles as well as between musicians and the congregation.  Our music programs help build connections and social bonds within St. David’s. 

Music Program Vision
Adult and Kid's Choir

Adult Choir

The Choir is beginning to gather this fall for brief practices on Wednesday evenings, 7:15 -8:00.   Safety protocols will be followed, including distancing and masks.  The Choir will begin singing at liturgies in mid-October. Anyone interested in singing is warmly invited to join; contact Roger Stratton at for more information.

Children's Choir

Temporarily suspended due to Covid. Watch the weekly update for information about when rehearsals will resume.

Bell Choir (Adults & Children's)

The adult Bell Choir currently meets every Wednesday from 6:15-7:15. Keep an eye on the weekly email to know when they will be performing. 

Church Bells
Bell Choir
Mill City String Quartet
Mill City String Quartet.color.JPG

Mill City String Quartet

The chamber music series at St. David’s is a program of free concerts by Mill City String Quartet (MCSQ), scheduled throughout the year. MCSQ is a professional quartet of local musicians, founded in 2007 and currently Minnesota Public Radio Resident Artists. People of all ages are invited to attend the concerts, which often highlight the works of female and BIPOC composers. Donations fund the work of St. David’s. Learn more about MCSQ

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